Introductions may be in order

Haha! Eat it, Kinja.

My name's Mike. I'm twenty-eight and an aerospace engineer by training. I make money to keep the bill collectors at bay by working as an engineer for the gubmint. I used to be in the military, but got out and went to school - I took this education in hand and swore I would never again put up with the run-around and BS I had to deal with while I was in uniform because I totally had a piece of paper that said I was educatable and nominally technically trained!

...My words taste like ashes. Ashes and tears.

My first car ever was a 2001 Ford Mustang, V6 manual. It was red. I miss that car.


The car that came after that was a 1996 Ford Explorer. Also had six cylinders, also red, but with automatic transmission. I bought it because I needed a cheap car for college and, admittedly, at the time I bought it was cheap.

I offloaded it before the engine ended up ingesting a valve head.

The car after that was an 1996 Acura Integra. This car was black and had an automatic transmission and pre-dated VTEC, so sadly I could never experience it kicking in. THe car still runs! Though, sadly, I don't own it anymore and the bodywork was a nightmare of fading paint and rust. Still, I was impressed by its ruggedness, especially given the condition it was in when I found it - I ended up buying it for cheaper than I bought the Explorer and it taught me a lot about automotive repair and maintenance.

Which brings us to my current ride, a 2008 VW Mk. 5 GTI. It's pushing 100k mi. and I drove it cross-country from Alabama to California when I relocated here. I enjoy it a lot and hope to enjoy it for some time yet.

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